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Pat Hyme
Rainbow Concert

24.02.2012 ()
godz. 20:00

This is the second concert in Lokal Uzytkowy.
Pat composes a lot of different styles of music, and this time it is going to be as the title suggests – a rainbow mix!
A mix of composed and improvised ideas. The music is very melodic, rhythmic with a lot of love for american music like gospel, jazz, funk, soul, 'modern mixes of jazz', and also with elements of classical music. Sounds complicated? It's not – when you hear it!

Pat started playing piano at 10 in the local music school, at 13 he decided to be a composer, starting out with pop music. Later in a composition program in Stockholm he got more into Jazz, and more and more advanced forms of music. Then he decided that Sweden was too small, and went to Paris, where he lived 6 years playing in different groups, and teaching Piano.
Since 2 years he lives in Poland, starting up new projects, but this concert is played solo, with all the greater musical freedom that comes with it!

A little more about me:
One night in Poland some years ago, on a journey, I had a strange dream that I was on a mission. I don't know exactly what it is, but it made me start write poems. Maybe to be an artist is like a mission – you just have to do it! One meaning of art is to make people happy, or wiser, or better.
Music makes me all that. And it is my meaning to share that with people:)

If you wish to support an artist with a great talent but yet not so much fame, and help build up his fame, have a great experience, we invite you to Lokal Uzytkowy this 24 feb.
Let the game begin!

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